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In order to make your visit to our website as convenient as possible, we use cookies for the presentation of our product assortment. These are small aggregates of text recorded locally in the temporary memory of your browser, and thus in your computer, for varying periods of time depending on the need and generally ranging from a few hours to several years, with the exception of profiling cookies whose maximum duration is 1 year. By means of cookies, it is possible to semi-permanently record information about your preferences and other technical data that allow for easier navigation and greater ease of use and effectiveness of the site itself. For example, cookies may be used to determine whether a connection has already been made between your computer and our sites to highlight new features or maintain “login” information. For your assurance, only the cookie stored on your computer is identified. The paragraphs below provide details about the cookies installed by this site and guidance on how to manage your preferences regarding them.


While users are browsing Aerostudi Srl does not collect information such as the following that is not stored in the log files of the server (hosting) of the site:

  • internet protocol (IP) address;
  • browser type;
  • parameters of the device used to connect to the site;
  • internet service provider (ISP) name;
  • date and time of visit;
  • visitor’s source (referral) and exit web page;
  • number of clicks.

This data is not used for either statistical or analytical purposes. The IP address is used for security purposes only and is not cross-referenced with any other data.



The use of such cookies and the performance of processing related to them, does not require, under current regulations, your consent so they are installed automatically following access to the site:

  • Cookies necessary for operation – cookies that allow the site to function properly including allowing the user to have a functional browsing experience. For example, they keep the user logged in while browsing by preventing the site from requiring the user to log in multiple times to access subsequent pages.
  • Preference saving cookies – cookies that allow remembering selected preferences by the user while browsing, for example, they allow setting the language.
  • Statistical and audience measurement cookies – cookies that help understand, through anonymously collected and aggregated data, how users interact with the website by providing information regarding sections visited, time spent on the site, any malfunctions.


In a dynamic environment like the Internet, it may not always be possible to control cookies that are stored by third parties through this site. For example, it is possible that a page may contain embedded elements from other sites: text, documents, photos or videos, all material that is visible on our Sites but stored on third-party sites. If you should detect a cookie on any of our Sites that is not indicated in the following policy, please notify us immediately. Or, alternatively, feel free to make direct contact with the third party and ask for any information about that cookie (purpose, duration and privacy guarantees). In case you notice that, on a given page a cookie is being generated for a certain functionality (e.g. viewing an Open Street Map™ or a YouTube™ video) that on other pages – for the same functionality – is not being generated, you may have stumbled upon a momentary site défaillance on that given page. In this unforeseen case, we kindly ask you to inform us promptly so that we can proceed as soon as possible to check and solve the problem.
By accessing you can learn about behavioral advertising as well as disable or enable cookies from the listed companies that work with website operators to collect and use information useful for the enjoyment of advertising.


These cookies provide anonymous/aggregated information about how visitors browse the site. Below are links and some information regarding the respective cookie policy pages to manage consent.
These types of cookies are not collected by the site.


Most mobile devices provide users with the ability to disable location services. In most cases these controls are located within the device’s settings menu. If you have questions about how to disable location services on your device, we recommend that you contact your mobile carrier or the manufacturer of your device.


You can also manage cookies directly through your browser settings if you wish. However, deleting cookies from your browser may remove the preferences you have set for the Site, so it would be wise for you to visit this page periodically to recheck your preferences. You can also visit the specific help page of the web browser you are using for more information and support:

If you are using Internet Explorer/Edge
In Internet Explorer, click on “Tools” and select “Internet Options.” On the Privacy tab, move the slider up to block all cookies or down to allow all cookies, and then click OK.

If you are using the Firefox browser
Choose the “Tools” menu of the browser and select the “Options” menu. Click on the “Privacy” tab. In the “Retention Rules” drop-down list, select the desired level. Check the “Accept cookies” box to enable cookies, or uncheck it to disable them. Choose how long cookies can be kept.

If you are using the Safari browser
Click in the Safari Menu, select the “Edit” menu and select “Preferences.” Click on “Privacy.” Place the “cookies Block” setting and click OK.

If you are using the Chrome browserClick on the Chrome menu in the browser toolbar. Select “Settings.” Click on “Show advanced settings.” In the “Privacy” section, click on “Content Settings.” In the “Cookies” section, select “Prevent all sites from saving data” and then click OK.

If you use any other browser (Mavericks Safari 8 Yosemite Safari on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) or do not know the type and version of browser you are using, click “Help” in the browser window at the top, from which you can access all the information you need.